Department of Applied Informatics
Academic staff

Lecturer Athanasios Manitsaris

B.Sc. in Mathematics Aristotelian Univ. of Thessaloniki, Greece (1980).
DEA Mathematiques Statistiques, Univ. de Paris VI, (1977).
Ph.D. in the Department of Applied Informatics, Univ. of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece (1992).

Courses coordinator : Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia.

Research Interests : Multimedia Applications.

Office Location : Building of Applied Informatics (office 522).

Office hours :

e-mail address :

Regular mail address : University of Macedonia Economic and Social Sciences,
Department of Applied Informatics, 156 Egnatia str B.O. BOX 1591 54006 Thessaloniki, GREECE.

telephone number : +3031 891898.

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