Distributed Software Systems


CIS481: Parallel and Distributed Software Systems,
Dr. Eugene Eberbach, Computer and Information Science Department, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Java e-commerce
Professor Martin Cooke, Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield

CS4/MSc Distributed Systems
Division of Informatics, School of Computer Science, University of Edinburgh

Distributed Computing Systems
Department of Computer Science in the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University

TDDB 37 Distribuerade systems
Department of Computer and Information Science Linköping University, Sweden

Daniel L. Silver, School of Computer Science, Acadia University.

CSE515 Distributed Computing Systems
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, OGI School of Science & Engineering OHSU, Oregon Health & Science University

06-6798 Distributed Systems Course Material
Dr Marta Kwiatkowska, University of Birmingham, School of Computer Science

Java Programming Examples and Notes
4003-420-70 Data Communications and Networks I, Department of Computer Science, Rochester Institute of Technology

Distributed Systems Course Notes
Ian Wakeman, Computer Science, Department of Informatics, University of Sussex

CS 5523 Operating Systems
Kay A. Robbins, UTSA Visualization and Modeling Laboratory (VML), University of Texas at San Antonio

EE 382 N Vijay Garg Fall 2004
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN