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EPL 222: Operating Systems

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Spring 2008


An example instruction execution cycle Example process life cycle Simple solution to the bounded-buffer problem
Implementation of Bounded Buffer problem using a counter variable Showing problems with atomicity and mutual exclusion using the Bounded Buffer with counter solution Mutual exclusion with a semaphore
Process synchronization with semaphores    

Scheduling Algorithms (by Harjot S. Bains)

Processor Scheduling Algorithms Processor Scheduling (Aperiodic with Starting deadline) Algorithms Processor Scheduling (Periodic with Completion deadline) Algorithms
Rate monotonic Scheduling Algorithm Page Replacement Algorithms Disk Scheduling Algorithms

Concurrency Control Problems (by Jie Zhang)

ProducerConsumer Problem ReaderWriter Problem Barbershop Problem
Banker's Algorithm    

EM algorithm, Clock Replacement, RAID (by Matt Garber)

Eisenberg-McGuire Algorithm Clock Page Replacement Algorithm RAID

Semaphore, Message, Monitor, Data Link error control  (by Winnie Yuen)

Semaphore Message Passing Monitor
Stop-andWait ARQ Go-Back-n ARQ Selective-Reject ARQ

Solaris RW Lock (by Tim Valdepena)

Solaris RW Lock    

SMP Cache Coherency Algorithms (by Charyll Angderson)

Cache Coherency Algorithms    




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